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Summer Road Trip? What You Should Take with You!

If you are traveling this summer, and most of us are, you should make sure you pack a bag that is just for the traveling. This bag is also great to keep handy if you are going to the park, the beach or even for a hike. For the car: Sunscreen – Everyone needs to […]

Spend Your Summer at the Movies ~ Sign Up for a Summer Movie Club!

Looking for something to do this summer with the kids? Why not sign up for a Summer Movie Club! Sports Mom Chris shares a few good ones.

Celebration Oscar ~ Best Academy Award Winning Sports Movies!

As I sit here watching the Academy Awards, I wondered had a “sports” themed movie ever won an Oscar for best picture? Yes — there were actually three sports movies that won best picture. Can you name them? These are all classic movies but the first to do it was the ultimate sports movie. It […]

Best Headphones for Running!

Are you like me and have no idea on what type of headphones to buy? I think the last pair of headphones I had went with my bright yellow Sony Walkman. Remember those? Now there are more choices for headphones, earphones, ear buds or headsets than ever before. And when you start shopping online its […]

Healthy Pre-Game Meal Suggestions!

When and what you eat before a sporting event can be just as strategic as your team’s game plan. We all know that it’s important to have the right nutrition before a game so you don’t run out of energy. But you also don’t want to eat the wrong food that could make your stomach […]

Protect your Cleats with Cleatskins!

My son Cameron is only 3 years old and very new to sports.  He has been playing First Kicks soccer for a few months now, so he has some experience with wearing cleats.  So when I was asked to review a new product called Cleatskins, I was excited to try them. Cleatskins are just that! […]