Sports Tips

Why You Should Be Walking!

Have you started your daily walking routine yet? A new study reveals walking is the best form of exercise for everyone and can actually add up to 7 years to your life if you walk everyday for 20-25 minutes. Wow — that is incredible. It’s reported that people who sit for 8 or more hours […]

Motivate your Kids for the Spring Sports Season!

We have all enjoyed a nice long break of watching movies, playing board games and crashing! But the time has come when baseball tryouts or a long soccer practice is about to consume our weekly schedules. And with the weather as cold as it is nationwide, we are all going to need a little nudge […]

Keep Your Kids Healthy this Winter!

It’s so easy to want to hibernate during the winter time to keep your kids safe from cold and flu season. Trust me if it was an option, I would be doing it! But it’s not an option so as moms we have to do our best to keep our family’s immune system as strong […]

Skateboard and Scooter Safety Tips!

Nowadays more kids are riding scooters and skateboards more than ever. It rivals the amount of kids riding bikes. So it’s important to follow some of the same safety rules as riding a bike. Did you know more than 150,000 people are treated in hospitals for skateboard/skating/scooter related injuries each year. That is way too […]

Teachable Moments in Youth Sports

Now that the fall season is coming to a close in just about every sport, we are looking back and accessing the year. For some, it was your first experience in youth sports — for other’s you are old hat at the off season. But everyone can look back and see what we have learned […]

Packing a Sports First-Aid Kit!

All sports moms need this….a Sports First-Aid Kit that you can get to in a snap. Whether it be a scraped knee, pulled muscle or sunburn, you never know what injury you will need to attend to especially if you are far from home. So it’s a great idea to keep one of these sports […]

Using a Photo Sharing Site for Team Information

If you are a coach or parent and looking to keep track of your team’s information, why not use a photo sharing site? I love using Shutterfly for my son’s baseball team. Shutterfly is a free photo sharing site that also allows you to create photo and information sharing pages for sports, classroom clubs, events, […]

How to Create a Recruiting Video and Website!

In this world of social media, websites and YouTube, there are so many avenues for future collegiate athletes to take on their quest for success. A big part of getting noticed is creating a recruiting video and/or website. A recruiting video is almost an essential component to any good athlete’s portfolio. If you think about […]

Why Teaching Good Sportsmanship is So Important!

Now that most fall sports seasons have started, it’s a good time to remind everyone about good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship isn’t only about what happens on the field — it goes way beyond that. Sportsmanship is also important in everyday life so it’s really important our kids understand what it means to be good sports. […]

Snack Mom Ideas

Are you responsible for bringing snacks for the team this year? We will be responsible for bringing snacks to my son’s baseball games so I wanted to pass along some information I found very useful in planning. The first thing anyone bringing snacks to a team is to make sure there are no allergies on […]

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