Sports Psychology

Boost Your Family’s Immune System this Winter!

As a mom, I lie awake at night thinking about keeping my kids healthy during cold and flu season. I would imagine you think about that too. And if you are not a mom, you probably think about keeping yourself healthy. We all know eating right is the key to staying healthy but there are […]

Taking Time Off From Sports!

While most athletes are enjoying a little time off after the fall sports season, parents may be scrambling to keep their kids busy this holiday season. But you shouldn’t worry too much about keeping them busy. This is a really good time of year for kids to relax, both in mind and body. There is […]

Celebrate the End of the Sports Season with Your Kids!

My daughter’s fall soccer season is coming to an end. And it’s a little sad for her and her mom! This is the first time she has played a team sport. And while we may not be on our way to a soccer scholarship, we all enjoyed the experience. This is actually the time of […]

Teaching Kids Good Sportsmanship!

We have all seen the videos where parents take their child’s sporting events too seriously.   Getting in fights with coaches, taking it out on opposing athletes or even arguing in the stands with other parents.  This behavior is certainly not teaching our kids what it means to be a good sport.   Playing sports should always […]

Fuel Up to Play 60 with the NFL!

Have you been thinking about ways to inspire your kids or your kids classroom to get active and eat healthy? That is the message behind Fuel Up To Play 60 sponsored by the National Dairy Council and the NFL. The program creates fun challenges for your kids and offers a chance to earn prizes and […]

Best Sports Snacks for Kids!

Are you responsible for bringing snacks for the team this year? I will be bringing snacks for my daughter’s soccer team so I wanted to put together a list of some snack ideas that are healthy and appealing to all kids. The first thing anyone bringing snacks to a team is to make sure there […]

Keeping the Kids Cool While Practicing in the Heat!

Who would have thought we would be talking about keeping the kids cool this September!  But it’s a fact, the summer heat lingers into this month and we need to make sure our kids are prepared for their practices and games.  I noticed my daughter was hot, tired and dehydrated looking during soccer practice this […]

Getting the Family Ready for the Fall Sports Season!

As the summer comes to an end, the fall sports season is upon us! And most families, like ours, are just trying to organize school, practices, games and everything that comes with it. So how can you prepare for it? Or can you? Sometimes the only way to get through it is to take one […]

How Exercising Can Give You Superpowers!

We all know how important exercise can be to our daily lives. It keeps us healthy, trim and full of energy. Recently I read an article by Natalie Gingerich MacKenzie who wrote this article for Walgreens. She compared exercising to having superpowers! And it’s such a great analogy! Because those who do exercise regularly do […]

Take Your Workout With You On Your Vacation!

Sports Mom Chris Huston offers advice for taking your workout with you on your summer vacation!

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