Myofascial Release or Disruption Technique ~ Helps with Optimum Performance

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myoMy son Nick had an arm/shoulder injury early on this baseball season. The high school trainer had him rest it for several days and he’s slowly come back. However, Nick’s been off a bit when throwing down the line. His arm just isn’t as strong and a bit unpredictable which is out of character for him. I asked him last week and he finally admitted, his arm didn’t feel 100% and he was worried he would injure it again.

With all of his injuries, we’ve been to  surgeons, sports physicians and chiropractors. But we found a clinic near our home that conducted Myofascial release.  This was new to me and Nick, but I gave it a try on a lower back injury from weight training.  It worked wonders.  Ever since, I’ve used Myofascial release for my son on any arm or leg injury.

Myofascial release can help athletes achieve optimum performance. Myofascial pain treatment sounds complicated, but it really is not. Now, I’m not claiming to be an expert in this, just consider this an introduction to a treatment that might work for you or your athlete. Here is a brief description and the good news, it is covered by insurance (at least our insurance covers the treatment).

First, Myofascial pain is another way to describe muscle pain. It is pain and inflammation in the soft tissues of the body. It affects the fascia, which is the connective tissue that covers the muscles. While most people suffer from muscle pain from time to time, myofascial pain is persistent and can become chronic.

Check out this article  from Dr. Conway who co-developed the technique along with Dr. Brad Hayes and Dr. Hugh Gimmel. Dr. Conway has an active sports practice in Pennsylvania. He has treated some of the biggest athletes in the nation including Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens, Priest Holmes Kansas City Chiefs, Kordell Stewart Chicago Bears, Reggie White Green Bay Packers, Qadry Ismail Indianapolis Colts, Trent Dilfer Seattle Seahawks.

More from the article:

The sports world is looking for treatments that can return athletes safely to the playing field faster and more effectively than present day treatment. By far, the most common sports injuries are of a sprain/strain nature. Conventional treatment across the country if not the world is ice, compression, electrical stimulation and medication.

After treating hundreds of college and professional athletes the biggest complaint is that they feel that the ‘ice and stim’ treatment that they receive isn’t effective. Many times diagnostic procedures including MRI and CT scans report negative findings with the athlete

What It Isn’t

MyoFascial Disruption Technique isn’t
• Active Release
• Muscle Energy Technique
• Rolfing
• Neuromuscular Reeducation
• Massage
• Trigger Point Therapy
What It Is

MyoFascial Disruption Technique (MFDT) is a hands-on approach to treating soft tissue injuries. MFDT recognizes that most, if not all, soft tissue injuries are a result of a separation or a disruption of the fascia. The fascia can separate at the origin or insertion of a tendon or ligament. The fascia can separate within the muscle in a band like separation. It can ‘wrinkle’ like a shirt pulled out from your hamper. It can ‘un-coil’ in the extremities like a twisted slinky toy.

Once these disruptions have been corrected pain immediately resolves, range of motion is restored and strength increases.

MFDT is not some of fly-by-night treatment that alternative health practitioners are famous for. This is a scientifically based, clinical studied and proven method of relieving pain and restriction resulting from disrupted fascia. A multi-clinic, multi-doctor case study of 15 cases has been submitted and accepted for publication and scrutiny to a scientific journal. This journal being the Journal of Manipulative Physiotheraputics JMPT. The technique is currently undergoing the second stage of the scientific process of scientific outcome measurement with extremely promising results.

Once corrected not only does the pain decrease but there is instant increase in range of motion and strength. On top of that, once the area has been corrected with treatment you don’t have to worry about reoccurrence.

Here is what some athletes had to say about the treatment:

“During the track season, I pulled my hamstring and was forced to miss the end of the season. After this, I had been rehabbing my hamstring for 2 ½ months. It seemed to be getting better, but then remained where it was at, not allowing me to run like I used to. I then began to doubt if I would ever be able to run like I had been running before the injury. This is when I contacted Dr. Conway. After only 1 hour of his treatment, there was a noticeable difference in my hamstring. After the 4th treatment, I was able to sprint on my leg again like I used to. Thanks to Dr. Conway and his rehab staff, I am again able to compete at the level of competition that I desire. I have placed 5th at the Pennsylvania Indoor State Championships, 7th in Eastern States Championships, and 26th in the National Indoor Championships.”
– Cody Schovitz

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