Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick!

Posted on: December 29th, 2014 by Chris No Comments

xxxxxx-food-hangoverAre you making a New Year’s Resolution this year? Or are you making a list of resolutions, like me? Whether you are hoping to lose a few pounds, eat healthier, be more successful at work or be more patient with your kids, New Year’s Resolutions can be hard to keep. I think it’s estimated that under 10% of people are successful with resolutions. So don’t be so hard on yourself. But if you want some tools to learn how to keep your resolution here’s a list:

1. Write everything down. It always works better for me if I can see my goals. It is also a great way to spend some time thinking about them. When you have to write it down, it feels like it’s real. Be specific when writing your resolutions. If you want to lose 25 pounds, make sure you are clear about it.

2. Speak your resolutions out loud. After your write down your goals for yourself, share them with others. When you speak something it becomes real especially if people are listening. This will allow your friends and family to help you stay accountable with your goals. So if your friends are meeting for dinner, they will consider your diet before selecting the restaurant.

3. Make short-term goals that are attainable. You will be more successful if you break out your goals into shorter, more attainable steps. So if you want to lose 25 pounds by the end of the 6 months, set a goal of losing 4-5 pounds a month or a pound a week. This is definitely more attainable. And when you are successful with your short-term goal, you will be inspired to continue to your overall resolution.

4. Schedule time for your resolution. It can be really hard to keep resolutions because of our busy schedules. So there has to be time set aside to work on your resolution. And it’s not a bad idea to schedule it in your planner or on your phone. Most phones will offer a scheduler or timer that allows you to set a schedule. When the alarm goes off, it’s time for your resolution. It’s a great motivator!

5. Have a buddy see you through. If you have a friend or family member also looking to lose weight this year, ask them to join you in the resolution. Everyone does better with a friend standing by their side. And this will help motivate and inspire you to keep going. If you know a friend is meeting you at they gym, you are likely not to skip it.

6. Keep a journal of your progress. Just like writing down your resolutions, it’s nice to keep records of it too. Keeping a journal or even just keep records on your computer will keep you accountable for your daily or weekly progress. And if you having a hard time keeping your resolution, writing it down make help you make some adjustments to your goals.

7. Adjust your resolutions. If you are having a hard time keeping a resolution, it’s alright to make some changes or adjustments. If you can’t lose 5 pounds in a month, knock it down to 3. It may take longer to reach your overall goal, but at least it will keep you motivated to continue. And if you can only get to the gym once a week, then do that. It’s more important that you don’t throw in the towel but make adjustments.

8. Celebrate your accomplishments. It’s so important to celebrate your victories. When you lose your first 5 pounds, it’s alright to take some time to celebrate your first achievement. Instead of eating an ice cream sundae to celebrate, buy yourself a new shirt or something that will make you feel good about what you have done. It’s important that you recognize what you have done so it will motivate you to keep going.

A New Year’s Resolution is a great time to make some changes in your life that will make it a better one. But it’s also a journey. Sometimes the journey says more about your than the result. So enjoy this time and feel good about making positive changes in your life. If you get off the horse, get right back on. There is not crime in falling off, it’s what you do next that is more important. And if you don’t make a resolution, that’s ok too!

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