Athletic Cup: How to get the Perfect Fit :)

Posted on: December 7th, 2012 by admin 13 Comments

My son is going to KILL me after he reads this post. But today, we’re talking about protecting a boy and his jewels :). Here’s the deal. Young boys will sometimes think it’s cool to have that thing protruding from his pants… others will be demoralized. That fact of the matter is, it’s up to us as Sports Moms to make sure their protected.
And trust me when I tell you this… the wrong size cup can affect their performance. For one full year, my son wobbled down to first base? Stupid mom, thought it was a just a boy growing into his feet. Nope… it was the wrong sized cup!

So let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Protective athletic supporters and cups are an often over-looked, but important, piece of equipment for young boys involved in competitive sports. It should be used whenever testicular injury becomes a risk.

What can happen if your child isn’t protected? Blunt trauma to the testicles can cause the testicles to rupture and bleed into the scrotum. Testicular torsion results when the spermatic chord, which suspends the testicles in the scrotum, becomes twisted to restricts blood flow. Torsion can occur after blunt trauma, strenuous exercise or even spontaneously. Testicular torsion is generally accompanied by intense pain and swelling on one side of the scrotum. OUCH!

So let’s discuss choices:

Athletic supporters, aka “jockstraps” do the job well. I won’t go into the details because moms don’t have to talk details of their boys privates. You can find these and most major sports stores, but finding the right size can prove a bit challenging.

Compression shorts are another option and can be more comfortable. Again, finding the right size can be a challenge.

My son wears a compression short & a jockstrap. Trying to fit that cup into the short can often result in a burn/diaper rash in the area.

Now let’s talk cups… this is key, as the cup and size can affect performance. It’s the cup that protects the privates from trauma. Size is the key.because protection that is too large or too small may not properly guard against injury.

O.K. moms, this can be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary. Get Dad to do it if it makes you too uncomfortable. Have your boy TRY ON the cup.

Make sure the testicles are in the bottom and NARROW end of the cup. This will sound stupid, but I NEVER knew which way the cup should go. If you get a triangular-shaped cup, make sure the wee-wee if lifted up and lays across inside the top of the cup. Banana cups, you let the wee-wee hang down. And make sure the cup covers ALL genitalia.

Doctors suggest you always wear a cup in a cup-jockstrap, cup-brief, or cup-sliding short that’s designed to hold a cup.. Doctors also suggest a cup (inside a cup-jockstrap, cup-brief, or cup-sliding short)should be worn without anything underneath (don’t wear underwear underneath). This maximizes their protectiveness by completely encasing the male genitals and allowing the genitals to be held tightly against the body.

We had to make a compromise for our son… if you want to wear something underneath, wear a thin pair of nylon/spandex briefs. We had thin sliding shorts.

Most importantly, don’t allow the cup to move around… if it does you’re totally defeating the purpose of the cup and it’s more for decoration or humiliation, depending on how your son views it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jeff

    Great article. Too many parents let their boys play contact sports without a protective cup. Not too many choices in athletic cup sizing, but you are right on with trying to get the best fit possible. As a former baseball, hockey and softball player I always had a layer under my cup and supporter. Cup rash is not fun.

  • Gavin

    So for triangular shaped cups, you are supposed to flip the wee-wee up? Is that comfortable with it facing up the whole game? Another tip. As boys get a little older, they sometimes let their ego get the best of them and choose a larger than needed cup. I don’t know why they put ages as the sizes because boys vary in size at any age. Some 13 year old boy’s might feel inclined to show off (that’s about the age they do this), thinking he is bigger and get one for 16-18 years old. . There is an obvious difference between the two! I made this mistake. The plastic bulge was quite awesome! I was 13 and had no business wearing the young adult size 16-18 cup. Not only did I waddle down to first base as you described your son did, but the poor little thing was dancing around inside that huge cup. At the end of the day, as you can imagine, my testicles were sore! I swallowed my pride and continued wearing my same sized cup from the previous year, the age 10-14 cup! My mother, as mother’s always do, found out and asked why I didn’t use my new cup. As embarrassing as it was, I had to tell her I didn’t quite measure up. haha. When it comes down to it, no matter what the ego, a boy won’t proceed to play with sore balls! I still play baseball and other sports that require me to wear a cup today. Again, I wish they just sized them by a different sizing method than by age, because it sure looks funny when a grown man like me at 5’10 walks up to the counter to buy a 14-16 year old, perfect fitted cup! Again, I swallow my pride, but hey, I know me and my little boys are protected! haha.

  • CyberMental

    “That fact of the matter is, itโ€™s up to us as Sports Moms to make sure their protected.” Looks like mom needs to spend a little more time on proper grammar usage, and a little less pushing her son to be a brainless athlete

    • Kelley

      Wow that’s a pretty immature, cowardly, and mean thing to say. I bet you wouldn’t have said that to this sports mommy’s face so why do it while hiding behind your keyboard? Sad, sad.

      • CyberMental

        Immature, cowardly, and mean? It’s meaner to push your sons into sports. The High School I went to recently cut funding to band and art and then built a new American Football stadium. High School Football games get shown on TV these days; where’s coverage for band? When sports moms can’t even write an article without multiple grammatical errors (copy paste her article into Microsoft word, or get an English major friend to read it), maybe it’s a sign that we should be spending less time and money on sports and more on teaching our kids to read and think for themselves. It’s easier to keep your sons’ balls and “wee-wees” safe when they’re not playing dangerous contact sports. You’ve heard about retired Pro Footballers committing suicide because of depression caused by multiple concussions stacking up ovet their careers, right? Society and idiots like you pushed them to “man up” and “suck it up” and keep banging their heads against each other until they achieved irreversible brain damage, and of course they wouldn’t tell anyone they felt sad or depressed because they would be perceived ad weak by their meathead teammates. Just admit it, you’re only pushing your sons into these sports because pro athletes are so grossly overpayed in this country. Better rich than smart and healthy, am I right? Good job, moms.

        • Charles Moreland II

          CyberMental let’s see where to start on you. First, you are in this Cyber world where you can spew your venom on whom ever you feel like without your true identity revealed. You are one hell of a s.o.b. You can’t even put a picture of yourself along with your comments. Where I grew up you would of been labeled a coward. As far as Mental, well you have named yourself correctly. Why in the world would you go off on a Mom whose only interest was protecting her son. After that she was only sharing the knowledge she acquired by experience. Her words have probably protected many fatherless boys from unnecessary pain and or injury. Now I would like to point out a contradiction in your comments. 3 months ago you said and I quote ” The fact of the matter is, it’s up to us as Sports Moms to make sure their protected.” End quote. Then you accuse Sports Mom of pushing her son to play sports. There is nothing at all in her comments to infer that she was forcing anything but protecting her child. 16 days ago you said and I quote “… I remember this because I didn’t get it beaten out of me on the football field.” End quote. Now you are representing as a Sports Mom and a boy that didn’t play football. It is now that you spew your venom on Kelley who did not write one word about any of her children of playing any sport let alone pushing them into it. It was your last comment given 16 day’s ago that gave your true identity away. You are a disgruntled band member crying because his Tuba was taken away from him. Then you rant about grammar and again with pushing children into sports and other crap that was only brought up by you. So now the puzzle is complete. You are not a Sports Mom but a wimpy little snot nosed brat that was forced into sports by your own ” Mum” and failed miserably and had to settle for band. It’s a good thing that the Tuba you tried to carry and play was taken away because you probably would of ended up with a hernia. The moral of this story is leave these loving and protective Sports Moms alone without showing your face. You can see my picture. It’s me with my daughter the Phycology major that played tee ball and softball because SHE WANTED TOO. Then there is my son that played tee ball, baseball and football, why? Because HE WANTED TOO. Then as a married father of three beautiful little girls became an Amateur MMA Champion. Leave these poor ladies the hell alone and try to make a life for yourself. You are too young to be making up things about people you don’t even know. Just grow up man and let the past go.

          • CyberMental

            Dude, do you know how to read? My first quote was me quoting the author and her poor grammar , I was not representing as a Sports Mom. When you called me a coward, you said I “would of been labelled a coward, ” and I think you meant to say “would have been labeled a coward. ” What you wrote is not English. I am not a disgruntled tuba player sans tuba; I am very much a gruntled saxophonist who still has all his instruments ๐Ÿ™‚ I did notget forced into sports, I took Martial Arts for meditation and safe exercise and team building. I never claimed to be a Sports Mum, and once again in regards to the hernia you wished upon me: You say “would of ended up with a hernia, ” but of course we all know you meant to write “would have ended up” etc. If you’re having trouble keeping up with these pesky rules of grammar, try asking your daughter the “Phycocology major. ” I have never heard of “Phycocology,” perhaps it is related to psychology? Too easy ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for 5 minutes of free entertainment, Mr. Moreland who posted his first and last name and pictures of himself and his family online. Friendly tip: there’s a reason I’m anonymous. You should be careful what info you put online these days, there are people who could find your address from what you’ve provided if they were so inclined. I am not one of them, and I hope you’ll be more be more cautious in future

          • Fern Monday

            Hey CyberMental! You made a typo when you quoted the word psychology from Charles Moreland II. He mispelled it. But you also mispelled what you quoted from him. LOL
            Damn! Don’t feel bad. Maybe you were tired from all the correcting you were trying to do. Maybe now you know mistakes are just that.
            I don’t believe the writer was taking some sort of english/composition exam. Seems to me she was being helpful to others; by putting a word out, of her own experience with jock strap/cups.
            As I was reading your absurd and feebleminded comments, I thought to myself, how do you know if the kid was forced to play? That’s an assumption that you assumed. Also, for you to think that all moms push their sons into sports for whatever your “assumed” purpose is biased. You don’t know what a person’s situation is.

      • CyberMental

        I “hid behind” my keyboard because this is an unknown author writing an article under a pseudonym. Am I supposed to hack her account, stalk her, and contact her in person to have this talk with her? See, my mum taught me more than enough to know that that would be inappropriate and invasive, and I remember this because I didn’t get it beaten out of me on the football field.

        • BaseballDad

          CyberMental nobody for anything on anybody. Stop assuming stuff. If you want to go around correcting stuff join an English class. Wait, wait, wait. If you do band why are you looking at an article on cups. And one more thing, if you played football and got beaten around, put down your keyboard and pick up some weights. Seriously, I really want to know why you are reading an article on cups. Just do us all a favor and grow something to put in your cup.

          • BaseballDad

            Forced* not for.

    • LeeAnn Hutchinson

      Your comment is just plain stupid and unnecessary. I’m thankful she wrote the article, grammatically correct or otherwise, because as a widowed mom, I need all the help I can get trying t figure all these boy things out. Grow up and stop being a stupid jerk.

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